Behind the Scenes:
Polaris Pacific


Polaris Pacific is the West Coast’s leading luxury real estate sales and marketing firm, composed of a highly focused team.

What better way to launch their refreshed brand than to show each team member in the environments in which they market? Across the competitor set, team photography is an afterthought and often not intrinsic to the brand. For Allis, it was important to highlight the culture of Polaris Pacific to differentiate them in the market. Inspired by the work of Garry Winogrand, we used a gritty street photography style to frame each scenario as part of a larger narrative, where an intentionally nondescript portion of the city is always a hero. Finding graphic details in the city and capturing a candid in-the-moment shot of each team member allowed us to yield an authentic glimpse into the human element; the emotion, energy, and the new attitude behind the evolved brand.

Art Direction by Kile Brekke.

Production by Kat Jackson.

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