Character is King


The Crucial Purpose of Personality

Imagine the most interesting person you know. What makes them so compelling? Is it how they speak? How they look? How they make you feel when you’re with them? Having created over 40 unique brand identities in just the last two years, we can say with zero hesitation: as it is with people, so it is with brands. A brand without a personality is like an opera singer with no voice. Sure, she’s there … but we’re not listening.

Creating brands with distinctive personalities isn’t just good old-fashioned fun for the creatives (though, of course, it totally is). It also pays off deeply tangible dividends in three different ways:

Character demands attention.
In the predictably beige abyss of luxury branding, there’s no better way to transcend the competition than to cultivate a distinctive point of view. Never underestimate the value of a head-turning headline; a commanding brand voice can do wonders in the business of product differentiation. Concerned about alienating your audience? No need—it’s never a risk to show some personality. But it’s a definite risk not to.

Character drives premiums.
Somewhere between reality and aspiration lies the spark of real emotional connection. If people see themselves in your brand—and not simply themselves, but their best selves—they will recognize and appreciate its innate higher value. And it’s a fulfilling dynamic that goes both ways; the brand enjoys loyal engagement while its customers can enthusiastically lean into an experience or product that welcomes, affirms and inspires them.

Character is memorable.
Once you’ve forged an emotional connection, consistency cements your brand into memory. Brand consistency across all channels (from social media and print advertising to business cards and even staff uniforms) fortifies the power of personality, builds trust with your customer, and communicates a level of care that reinforces brand loyalty. Whether its drawn from history, the surrounding neighborhood, the architectural tone, a myth, a mood, a distant relative, beloved pet or Greek goddess, your brand’s personality has the power to create a positive feedback loop that keeps your audience rapt and ravenous for more.

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