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Respect the ritual.

Built on the antioxidant power of tart cherry juice, Cheribundi wanted to expand beyond their established roster of devotees, which ranged from 300+ pro/collegiate sports teams to gout sufferers. What they got was a revolution that turned muscle recovery into an integral ritual for a generation of millennial everyday athletes.


Premium Food & Beverage

The Recovery Revolution. Powered by Nature.

A youthful and direct rebrand celebrates the grind of an optimized fitness lifestyle, bringing to the forefront the real-life effects of the product’s all-natural benefits and cultivating a focused, tribe-like mindset. From packaging and photography to a digital overhaul, every facet of the brand supports an empowering understanding of an athlete’s challenges and goals; we even brought together an influential community of recovery experts labeled The Pit Crew, complete with a whole line of swag designed to separate them from the pack.

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