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A transformative wilderness retreat.

Perched on the eastern edge of Zion National Park, Spirit represents an evolution in landscape hospitality driven by a unique focus on wellness, land stewardship, and awakening new connections to the spirit within. With 40 luxury suites interwoven amidst 1,110 acres, the new wilderness retreat required a brand that not only called to seekers of conscious travel, but also compelled guests to forge a kinship to the land–and ultimately, to themselves.



Awaken the Wilds Within.

The Spirit brand embodies interconnectivity: between the land, the conservation of its beauty, and the adventurous souls of its discerning guests. This never-ending loop, suggestive of the retreat’s contributive mindset, is expressed again and again: in the brand’s seamless symbol, in the connected wordmark, and in the tactile layering of natural patterns and photography within the graphic system. Purpose-driven and guided by the principle of sustainability, the brand links Spirit’s guests to those who’ve come to exalt in the land before, and those who will come after.

Fire put in front of resort suite on mountainside at sunset
Color palette
Business card lying on red rock
Headline reading
Notecard and envelope sitting on wood surface
Trifold map lying on wood surface
Headline reading
Bike helmet with logo
Man biking down mountain
Back of utility vehicle
Utility vehicle upholstery detail
Backpack standing on red rock
Backback logo detail
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