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Jan 2, 2024

Uncovering Honest Luxury

As with any hospitality destination, there are many opportunities for discovery.

To get to the heart of a brand is a labor of love or laziness. At the onset, one must decide how deep to go, how much to put in themselves and what is relevant to its intended audience. When tasked with uncovering what’s rare and differentiating about this 81 acres on the coast of Kona, the Big Island of Hawai’i, Allis found a path so magical and enriching we were humbled to be tasked to tell its story.

As with any hospitality destination, there are many opportunities of discovery—the land and its heritage, the culture that resides, and the approach to the resort experiences that guests will enjoy. Kona Village, A Rosewood Resort had these opportunities in spades.

Just a glimpse at the commentary on the Save Kona Village facebook page with over 8,500 followers unlocks an understanding of how this previously low-fi, Polynesian-style hideaway, known for its celebrity guests, felt not like a resort, but an escape into an island lifestyle rich with cultural heritage so deep one felt honored to be there vs. entitled to an experience.

Through countless hours of mining archival imagery, ebay purchases of nostalgic memorabilia, and a chance to talk story with cultural advisors, we began to shape a narrative around Kona Village. An experience of humble luxury rooted in an ancient history reawakened for a new generation of global travelers.

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